Design your campaign

Professional email design - fully responsive, of course

Incredibly easy to use, fully responsive and with consistent results across all email clients – that’s the philosophy behind our email editor.

Responsive design

Quickly create professional campaign designs using our free format, drag and drop editor. Fully responsive to desktop, tablet and mobile devices with no HTML experience needed.


From a simple greeting to advanced Dynamic Content –’s personalisation features will make your campaigns more individually relevant than ever before.

Design customisation

Your imagination is the only limit. Create and save your own favourite campaign templates and customise design themes and components to uniquely match your brand.

Preview and testing

Before you send – preview your finished campaign in a variety of desktop and mobile device modes, send live previews and test your campaign for the major email clients.

“Our custom email template significantly reduces the time to create new campaigns, and our brand look and feel is always exactly how it should be…” Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB)

Emails that look great on any device

Responsive email editor

Our next-generation email editor makes it easy to create emails that look great and perform brilliantly on mobiles, desktops and tablet devices.

The drag-and-drop functionality gives you huge flexibility with design and layout while making it easy to keep a consistent feel – and automatically optimised for all device types.

Use Components and Themes to create your design, add your text and images, insert personalisation and your call to action – then preview how your campaign will look on different devices.

Check out some of our favourite campaigns in our email design gallery.

Responsive editor
See the email editor in action
Watch the video

This video demonstrates how to use Components and Themes to create your campaign structure and styling. Simply add your text, images and calls to action using the drag and drop tools – and at any time preview how your finished campaign will look on a variety of screen types and orientations.

Create your own templates and components


Speed up your design by saving your favourite layouts as your own custom template. Simply create your layout in the normal way and then save it into your template library – ready for use next time. To ensure consistency of style and standard content you can pre-populate and lock sections, selectively assigning access only to those who need it.

You can create your own custom components too – controlling both the content and the functionality of the component. They’re perfect for content sections like headers and footers and adding unique style or functionality into your component library.

Find out more about customising components and templates.

Dynamic content
Dynamic content


Put your profiling data to work and create personalised content for your readers that’ll increase engagement, conversions and return on investment. From simple profile-based personalisation through to using automated, rule-based Dynamic Content.

It’s the ultimate in advanced email personalistion…

Dynamic Content allows you to deliver multiple campaign variations – from just a single campaign design, each subscriber sees the content differently, depending on their own individual interests and preferences.

Preview your campaign before you send


Once you’ve sent an email campaign, there’s no undo – which is why we provide a suite of testing tools so you can be confident in your campaign before you hit send.

• Integrated Litmus-powered inbox previewing
• Easily send live previews for approval
• Quickly test against common spam filter rules
• Instant in-editor responsive layout testing
• Restrict sending privileges to authorised users

Inbox Testing

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