Your data

Collect and organise your subscribers

It’s worth the effort. Building a high-quality database will improve your delivery and is the foundation you’ll need for relevant, timely email campaigns.


Design and publish data collection forms for your website or import multiple subscribers from a CSV file. With SMS included you can use text-to-subscribe from a mobile too.


Out-of-the box integrations and our suite of API tools allow you to synchronise your email marketing information with hundreds of other data applications.

Contact management

Organising your subscribers into folders and lists makes managing your data quick and simple – and you won’t pay extra for subscribers on multiple lists.

Audience profiling

Make your campaigns more relevant than ever before. Subscriber profiling and advanced audience segmentation make precision targeting your campaigns easy.’s easy to use list management is one of my favourite features.  It’s a great way of hosting lists in an organised way and sending to large numbers of people…” Bestival

Grow your database


Import data via a CSV file or automatically synchronise data from other applications using one of our many integrations. We’ll automatically de-duplicate and exclude any opted-out subscribers.

Design and publish your own data collection forms that add new subscribers from your website directly into your email lists. With SMS messaging included you can also use SMS text-to-subscribe for your mobile audience.

Decide what information you want to store. Create your own subscriber profile fields and configure your own data structure.

data capture form builder
Mobilise the value of your data


Integrating your email marketing with your other systems lets you gain more insight, act faster and improve your results. We’ve made it simple to connect, with a range of pre-built integrations and our API for custom integrations.

Zapierconnect with over 500 apps – synchronise contact data and campaign history with your Salesforce CRM

MS Dynamics – We’ve teamed up with expert Partner C2 Software to bring you a full integration with MS Dynamics CRM.

Find out about our many other integrations here.

Intelligently handling your contact data

Contact Management

We automatically recognise the same person across multiple lists and automatically append any new data to their core record. This lets you get creative in using lists without worrying about the integrity of your data.

De-duplication, screening against your unsubscriptions and bounces all takes place automatically, ensuring your data is always clean, up-to-date and legally compliant.

Each subscriber is dynamically assigned a star rating using our multi-parameter engagement algorithm – perfect for targeting your VIP rewards and re-engagement campaigns.

Contact Management
Audience Segmentation
precision marketing made easy

Audience profiling

Relevance is at the core of permission marketing. Identify the right people for your message and you can create loyal customers and generate great return on investment.

Audiences is the next generation segmentation tool from It makes targeting precise interest groups from your database simple, so you can make your marketing more relevant than ever before.

Using Audiences you can define your target subscribers with seven dimensions of precision, enabling pin-point targeting of your messages.

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