Maximise your return on investment

Scale up and out with confidence – with integrated applications and multiple user environments to the very latest in advanced behavioural targeting.

Audience Insights

Track subscribers beyond your campaigns to follow their online browsing journey. Audience Insights is’s suite of state of the art behavioural targeting features.


Our fully documented RESTful API allows you to connect to virtually any data application – do it yourself, or let us help you create your custom connections.

User management

For team and group managers – easily create multiple platform users, assign access permissions and control campaign template creation, distribution and approval.

SMS Marketing

Extend your email marketing capability with inbound text-to-subscribe and outbound notifications. SMS marketing is included in the platform as standard.

“We’ve gone from a very limited capability to a high volume, data driven environment where email is now a central component in our marketing mix…” The Born Free Foundation


Our fully documented RESTful API (Application Programming Interface) enables you to easily integrate your email marketing with your other in-house data applications.

From a simple 2-way integration to synchronise subscriber data to complex behavioural campaign automation for an e-commerce store, our API provides an accessible and reliable way to achieve your marketing goals.

Audience Insights

Audience Insights

Make your emails more relevant to readers than ever before with our Audience Insight (AI) tools – it’s the very latest in advanced behavioural targeting.

Understand your customers’ preferences based on the content they browse on your website, and what they do – and don’t – purchase. Then use this data to refine your email content and targeting.

We’ll work with you to set up the perfect implementation for your goals.

Read our case study on how customer Olympic Holidays uses Audience Insights as part of their email strategy.

User management

Manage multiple users

Easily manage multiple users and assign them specific access permissions.

Want your designer to be able to create campaigns but not see your data?  The board want access to reports but you’d rather they couldn’t send out any campaigns? No problem.

If you’ve multiple departments, offices or outlets, and want them to have individual access to their own data and campaigns, but allow you to maintain overall control- check out our multiple user management tools below.

Create, distribute and manage templates for multiple users

Our template management tools are ideal for marketing agencies, franchises and dealerships.

Template creation

Create reusable templates at group level. Lock sections to ensure consistent styling and mandatory content.

Template distribution

Distribute saved templates to all or selected members within the group via your campaign Control Panel.


Automatically pre-populate email templates with localised member information using Dynamic Content.

Campaign approval

Ensure brand and content quality by applying group level approval before any campaigns are delivered.

More about our template management tools...

SMS Marketing

People are more mobile than ever before, and SMS is still the most reliable way to reach people on the move.

With over a 95% read-rate, rapid delivery and low cost, extending your digital campaigns with SMS can significantly improve customer experience, and increase your returns.

From SMS notifications of last minute offers or pending deliveries, through to adding an SMS reply channel to your offline advertising, our integrated suite of tools gives you the power to create new SMS campaigns in seconds.

Find out more about our SMS marketing solution.

SMS Text-In

It's not just software...