EU data protection

The new EU legislation on data protection

On June 23rd the UK will decide its European future in the ‘in-out’ referendum. But…

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Precision personalisation prevents poor performance

As usual last week’s email marketing Discovery Morning raised a number of interesting questions, for…

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Can we try again?

An interesting discussion regarding unsubscribes came up at the Discovery Mornings this week – that…

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SPAM and spam – a quick guide

It’s easy to confuse SPAM and spam – so here’s a quick guide.   SPAM…

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Where can I buy data from?

As is common when attending exhibitions, at least 5 people asked me last week where…

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A scary story for Hallowe’en

Are there people like me lurking in your database? According to some great research (undertaken…

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Why unsubscriptions and bounces are important

Studies have shown that in the list of priorities when sending out marketing campaigns, most…

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Finally! Say hello to the new EU changes

When the new EU data protection rules come into place next year consumers will finally be…

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5 easy ways to boost your ecommerce sales using email

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase your online sales, but…

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Introducing Audiences – get your message to the right person

Relevance – getting the right message, to the right person, at the right time – is a critical part of successful marketing. Our clients have anything from a few thousand, to many millions of subscribers, so identifying the right people for each message can be a challenge – a very important one.

Read More integration upgrade – sync with your CRM for free

We’ve upgraded our integration with to make it even more powerful at syncing your email marketing campaigns with your CRM data. And it’s completely free.

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Brand consistency is key – how luxury brand Suzannah use

If you’re too short on time, resource or expertise to get the best from your…

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From zero to 1.3M subscribers – how Prezzo use

How Prezzo Restaurants used and our Managed Services to grow their database and build their brand.

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Why there are no wins to be had from using purchased data

Permission Marketing is a very powerful tool when used correctly and for this, great quality…

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Get integrated! Introducing V1.0 of our new RESTful API

We’ve just officially launched V1.0 of our Permission Marketing API. Our RESTful API enables you to save time and create more effective campaigns by connecting your marketing in with your other systems.

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Bought subscriber lists: buying a bad reputation

SpamCop flicked the switch on two groups of spamtraps a couple of weeks ago and…

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Increase sales with cart recovery & marketing automation for Shopify

Our free abandoned basket recovery app for the Shopify ecommerce platform is now available.

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The dreaded spamtrap – why keeping your data up-to-date is vital to the health of your email marketing

Good quality data is the first step to successful email delivery and keeping your data…

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Gmail’s Tabbed Inbox – the numbers & why it can be good for your marketing

How many people will Gmail’s new Tabbed Inbox affect, and how can it be good for your email marketing?

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Creating compelling calls-to-action using value

Marketing, particularly email marketing, is ultimately a case of proposing a bargain to the right…

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