Premier reseller partnership

A deeply integrated solution uniquely tailored to your needs

Premier Partner solutions are uniquely tailored to your own individual business needs, driving real benefits and providing measurable return on investment.
Our collaborative approach allows us to jointly develop a technical and commercial solution that really works for your business.

Commercial opportunity

Create new markets and generate cross and upsell opportunities from your existing solution.

Technology & implementation

A bespoke platform implementation, custom engineered and integrated via the API.

Return on investment

Rapidly grow a new and recurring revenue stream whilst building long-term valuable assets for your business.

Support infastructure

Full technical backing from the team  – experienced in large scale custom solutions.

Working closely with sales, technical and marketing management, designed a bespoke email marketing solution which ideally complemented the existing portfolio. 123-reg

The commercial opportunity

• Quickly add new email and sms marketing products and services to your customer offering
• Create additional revenue streams through cross- and up-sell opportunities
• Strengthen your customer relationships by offering new value added services
• Increase your competitiveness by reacting to your market and customers’ needs

Your return on investment

• The opportunity to establish a new and recurring revenue stream for your business
• A rapid and low cost solution providing a short-term return on your investment
• Long term assets for your business through integrated technology and profitable services
• A scalable solution – designed to meet the needs of enterprise level organisations

Technology and implementation

• Rapid solution development, engineered and integrated via the API
• Using existing and proven technology – used by 1000’s of professional marketers worldwide
• Includes state-of-the-art features that will differentiate you from competitive providers
• Ongoing development by using agile software engineering processes

Our Partner support infrastructure

• Our team are experienced in building high-value and large scale white labelled solutions
• Existing sender reputation and high quality delivery relationships already in place
• Full technical and commercial partner with well established services and over 14 years trading
• Advance access to R&D features and collaborative exposure to our development roadmap

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