The Rundown Report: thank you Rio, we’ll miss you

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Here at we’ve been keeping a keen eye on the Olympics. As we prepare to say goodbye for another 4 years here are a few interesting stories from Rio that you might have missed…

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Statistics or hindsight?

Back in March CNN reported the Dutch statistics company Infostrada’s prediction that Usain Bolt would not win the 2016 Olympic 100m. They also predicted that Team GB would struggle to reach 45 medals and, after their success at London 2012, would perform particularly disappointingly in cycling. How we know different now!


Hands off my hashtag “#Rio2016”

The BBC, The Guardian and others have picked up on allegations of bullying by the USOC (United States Olympic Committee) by restricting use of the #Rio2016 tag to all but official sponsors. The move is to attempt to control the so called ‘ambush marketing’ tactics of businesses who try to position their own products in the positive glow of the Olympic flame.

Hashtag rio

Google do the data

Masters of the data crunch, Google have produced some cool interactive Olympic infographics. You can see the most searched for Olympic sport for each world country – the UK’s is boxing, and also explore alternative views of the medal table under different circumstances – it seems that if all countries had the same population, then the Bahamas would be celebrating.

Sports searches

How fast can we go?

Finally, although Mr.Bolt failed to beat his current 100m world record (9.58 seconds, set in Berlin back in 2009), many have been crunching the stats to predict the ultimate future of 100m sprint performance. The BBC and CondellPark both predict achievement will converge to a limit of around 9.4 seconds, but unfortunately not for another 500 years. Meanwhile for the rest of us, 15-20 seconds is the average for a fairly fit adult male (so now I’m now feeling chuffed at my all time PB of 14.6 – even if I was 18 at the time).