The Rundown Report: Keep on running

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Another week has flown by here at This weekend it’s anticipated that the 1 millionth runner will complete the London Marathon, so here are 3 London Marathon stories that caught our eye…

Who will win 2016?…

the Social Media race that is.  For brands like Virgin Money, Adidas and Buxton Water sponsoring the London Marathon is big business. Social Media Today reported that for the 2015 London Marathon, Virgin Money was the clear winner. Their #extramile hastag obtained 79% market share and was used over 10,000 times. That’s double that of #vmlm2016, the official event tag.

Marathon social media

How’s your training going?

City AM report that the running tracker and social media network Strava have analysed 1,265,4898 miles of training from 4,000 runners. They have concluded that for optimum marathon performance athletes require a combination of both distance and frequency. If you want to beat the London Marathon average of 4 hours and 6 minutes you’ll need to put in around 5.5 hours and 27 miles per week over a 3 month period.  Don’t worry – the race itself is only around 55,334 steps.

Marathon training

Who will run the furthest?

While around 40,000 runners will tackle the 26 miles 385 yards here on Earth, Wired and others report that intrepid British astronaut Tim Peake will be the first to complete the London Marathon in space. Tethered by bungee cords to a treadmill on the International Space Station, at 250 miles high and travelling at over 17,500 mph he’ll run 3 times around the globe.

Marathon in space


MeMe? – of the soon to be 1,000,000,000 finishers since 1981, I was finisher number 570,418, 602,792, 634,993 and 706,147. This year, like most sensible people I’ll be watching on TV, with toast and a cappuccino…