The Rundown Report: it’s all about Apple this week!

1 minute read

Another week has flown by and the weekend is almost here! Let’s catch up with three Apple related stories that caught our attention this week…

Apple launches the iPhone 7 (and more!)

We knew it was coming… Apple unveiled the iPhone 7, among other things, this week. Included are bluetooth headphones, with Apple moving away from the traditional headphone socket. What do you think of the news?


What’s the best iPhone deal out there?

The Telegraph have put together a guide on where to buy and what the best UK deals are out there. From buying upfront, to details on what the likes of o2 and Vodafone are offering, this guide is worth a read.

Is it a headphone? Is it a toothbrush head?

Ending this post on a lighter note, Mashable have shared this video with some of the reaction to Apple’s bluetooth headphones. What do you think – headphone or toothbrush head?

Have any other news stories caught your eye? Drop us a tweet and tell us all about them.