New year resolution 12 of 12 – continually improve!

5 minute read

So here we are. It’s the end of January and after 11 of your 12 new year resolutions it’s now time to take stock. We’ve discussed permission, integrated applications, subscriber profiling, responsive design, split testing, delivery, marketing automation, engagement, metrics, SMS and social media. That’s already an impressive list of resolutions for 2015.

So in this, your final new year resolution it’s time to bring it all together.


You’ve probably realised by now that the Permission Marketing process (that is Collect, Create, Send, Share and Analyse) is not just 5 linear steps. To work most effectively it needs to become a continuous improvement cycle. The insight that you gain from analysing your campaigns generates intelligence that you can feedback into enhancing your subscriber profiles and fine tuning your future campaign content and delivery.

Audience insights is a behavioural targeting process which combines multiple stages of the Permission Marketing Cycle. It takes your analysis beyond normal email metrics to provide more specific goal-based objectives based on your customers’ website interaction. You’ll have valuable insight into the type of online content they’re viewing and the purchases they’re making.

How does it work?

It’s a bit different (in fact a next logical step) from goal tracking. Audience Insights is designed to capture a wide range of data in order to provide a broad level of behavioural intelligence. Cookies are dropped when subscribers open emails or click links. Tracking is then activated by means of special HTML tags which are placed into the source code of your website.

AI diagram

Because it stores captured intelligence in relation to subscribers (not campaigns) it allows insight to be gathered for each individual across a number of campaigns and over a significant period of time – things like viewing frequency, the number and value of completed transactions, and timed data like last visit and completed or abandoned purchase.

Understanding which topics each of your subscribers is really interested in, the product categories your customers are browsing and buying – or not, allows you to identify opportunities for up/cross-selling and to personalise your campaigns and your website. Like most of the ‘being more effective’ topics we’ve discussed Audience Insights has relevance as a central objective. Improving the relevance of your content will improve your delivery and open rates and will in turn drive increased engagement. Once you are on the continual improvement cycle things just get better and better.


So, your final new year resolution number 12 is to find out more about Audience Insights.

As resolutions go Audience Insights is one of the most powerful but it’s also one which needs to be customised to each individual situation – that’s why we offer it as a personalised service.

Here’s a summary of a few actions to take:

1. You’ll find a more in depth summary of Audience Insights on our website. We can also send you a more technical specification of how it works.
2. Take a look again at the audience profiling and goal tracking information. This is a good starting point from which to extend into more advanced behavioural targeting.
3. Call us. Because Audience Insights brings together many aspects of your digital marketing strategy it’s probably worthwhile requesting a Permission Marketing Diagnostic session to get an overview of your current capabilities and future ambitions.

So that’s all of your 12 new year resolutions. I’ll be back next week with a brief summary and a link to all 12 resolutions – just so you have them all in one handy place. In the meantime if you have any questions regarding Audience Insights, give us a call, we’ll be pleased to show you more.