A custom template speeds email design at the IAB

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A custom template speeds email design at the Internet Advertising Bureau

When the IAB switched their email supplier to Sign-Up.to a mobile responsive custom email template was the first item on their wish list.  

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The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) is the UK trade association for the digital advertising industry. Originally founded in 1997 when digital advertising was worth around £8 million, today the IAB represents over £7 billion of advertising interests of over 4,000 of the UK’s leading brands, media owners and agencies.

The IAB mission is to promote best practice across all digital advertising channels serving its members with a wide range of research resources, policy guidance events and events – including their annual flagship conference: IAB Engage,

Email marketing at IAB UK

IAB’s communication schedule typically comprises 10 to 12 email campaigns per month. These include 4 main member newsletters, together with 2 or 3 additional weekly alerts and updates. An average member newsletter is delivered to around 8,000 subscribers.

Senior Online Content Executive, Sarah Chetta, now responsible for managing IAB’s website and communications, describes why switched to Sign-Up.to.

“Sign-Up.to matched all of our previous requirements and also presented a number of interesting automation and precision marketing options which weren’t standard in other systems. We opted for an unlimited send subscription to Sign-Up.to’s self-service platform together with their switch set up and a custom template design.”

With a small, hands on marketing team and a frequent campaign requirement it was important for the IAB team to make a smooth migration from their previous system and quickly set up their new self-service environment.

A custom email template

Sarah continues; “Having the Sign-Up.to design team create our own unique email template allowed us to build in exactly what we needed. All of the text, image and other content type components for our newsletter and other campaigns are already included and the defined themes mean that the IAB style is always consistently applied. From initial concept to finished template the whole design process took just a few days. It is now the starting point for all of our campaign designs.”

IAB template

Mobile is hugely important to the online advertising industry, accounting for around 35% of digital spend and over half of all email opens, so responsive design was an essential component of IAB’s custom template. The Sign-Up.to email editor is built using responsive technology from the ground up. This ensures that any campaign will always automatically be optimised for display on desktop or mobile devices and for landscape or portrait orientation.

IAB campaign

With their custom template in place the next step for IAB was to organise their subscriber data.

“Over the last 12 months our database has grown by over 1,000 subscribers. These are arranged into 9 folders and 20 different segmented lists. Whether it’s announcing a new research paper or an event invitation, segmenting our data in this way allows us to easily target our campaigns according to the specific needs of each section of our audience. The Sign-Up.to system also automatically takes care of any duplication when we add or combine lists.”

To date Sarah and the IAB team have used their custom template to create and deliver around 150 different email campaigns, with open and click through rates consistently above industry standards.

IAB campaigns

“Our custom email template significantly reduces the time and effort it takes to create new campaigns, and it means that our brand look and feel is always exactly how it should be across all email clients. Furthermore, on the rare occasions that we do need support it’s comforting to know that the Sign-Up.to Client Success team are right here in the UK.”

Sarah ChettaSarah Chetta is the Senior Online Content Executive for IAB UK. Her key responsibilities are managing the development and maintenance of the IAB website as well as managing various aspects of the IAB’s online communications.



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