The Rundown Report: Updates from Instagram, six degrees of separation and more!

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It’s an app themed Rundown Report this week, so sit back with a cup of tea and catch up on all the latest.

1. Multiple accounts on Instagram slowly rolling out

News came in yesterday (4th February) that Instagram has finally begun giving users the option to manage multiple accounts – but have you got it? Latergramme have suggested this new feature is in a test phase, so it could be a while.

2. Microsoft’s latest purchase and the payout that never was

What happens when you walk away from a start up? Chris Hill-Scott has said it was the biggest mistake of his life, after Microsoft purchased keyboard app SwiftKey for a staggering £174m – with the existing co-founders taking away a £25m pay off. Ouch.

3. What’s app and its billion monthly users

The headline says it all; this week Mark Zuckerberg announced that one billion people are now using the app Facebook bought back in 2014. Zuckerberg went on to say “This milestone is an important step towards connecting the entire world.”

4. Is the six degrees of separation theory still accurate?

Possibly not, according to a study by Facebook. Through their research, they’ve found there are on average just three and a half people between any one person and another. You can even find out what your own degrees of separation from everyone is – mine is 3.45.

5. Don’t let your pets get lonely

To end this post on a lighter note, we couldn’t help but smile at Mashable’s post on ways to make your pet comfortable when it’s home alone. Looks like we’ll be leaving the TV on when we head to work!

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