The Rundown Report: Sisters are doing it for themselves

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It’s been another busy week at It’s women who are in the news this week, so here are 3 stories that caught our eye.

Shock news. Men and Women are different!

Men and women

According to Real Simple, Yahoo Lab’s extensive report ‘Evolution of Conversations in the Age of Email Overload’ discovered that on average women use 2 more words but 4 fewer minutes to respond to an email than their male counterparts. Guys, if she’s not replying within 24 minutes…

Women Are Driving Mobile-First Email Marketing

Mobile device

Reported in Media Post’s EU Email Marketing Daily, women apparently spend almost half of their online time on a mobile device, compared to men who average a mere 39%.

A ‘milestone’ for women

Hilary Clinton

And finally, reported just about everywhere (including BBC News) Hilary Clinton has hailed her successful US Democratic nomination for president as ‘a milestone for women’. If elected Mrs. Clinton would be would be both the first female president and the first person to enter the Oval Office after their marriage partner.

Have a great weekend.