The Rundown Report: Referendum reflections

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Another week has flown by here at and like many we’ve been watching the referendum story unfold. Here are 3 in/out stories which caught our eye.

EU referendum

A threat to London’s digital future

Looking back. With around 382,000 people employed in London’s technology and information sectors industry watchers eConsultancy reported (pre-referendum) the position of the 2016 London Mayoral Tech Manifesto that ‘Brexit’ “could be the biggest threat to London’s digital sector”.

LOnon Mayoral Tech Manifesto

Cautiously confident of good  health

Post-result, the Internet Advertising Bureau, IAB UK is less conclusive, reporting industry opinion that although businesses growth plans may become “more difficult” their message to members is that they remain confident of the good health of the industry going forward.

Brexit and advertising

The lighter side

With the Government and the opposition in disarray, a divided nation and Sterling taking a nose dive it was left to the Daily Mirror to report some of the lighter sides of the post-referendum environment. Whether you voted in or out (or possibly neither) – try to laugh.