The Rundown Report: Proxima b, Mars and right here on Earth

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It’s been another busy week here at Here are three planet sized news stories that caught our eye this week. Have a great weekend.

Our new neighbour

The Guardian and many others have reported the discovery of Proxima b, a rocky ‘Earth-like’ planet orbiting our closest star Proxima Centauri. Being within the star’s ‘Goldilocks zone’ (that’s not too hot, not too cold) astrophysicists believe that the surface of Proxima b may have liquid water, the catalyst for possible alien life. At a mere 4.2 light years away it’s pretty close too – just a short 18,000 year hop.

Proxima b

‘Life’ on Mars

Fancy something a little closer? NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has released a number of advertising posters recruiting for people to live and work on Mars. The new posters are part of a set of artwork promoting their future visions of space travel. If you want a job on Mars, there’s plenty of time. You won’t be needed until around 2030 and then it’s just a 7 month trip.

Work on Mars

Meanwhile… right here on Earth

With over 1 billion active devices, planet Earth’s 8th largest company, Apple, has advised iPhone and iPad users to upgrade their version of iOS to 9.3.5 after security vulnerabilities were exploited by a hacking group. Wired report that spyware downloaded via a text message link was discovered in Israel when a human rights lawyer and activist was targeted.

Apple security