The Rundown Report: PolarFoil keeps penguins cool

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Another week has flown by here at There’s just one news story that caught our eye this week. We all love a penguin success story.

Penguin thermal image

Keeping penguins cool

Scientists at the International Antarctic Survey have been trialing a new protective coat for it’s South Pole penguin community. But it’s not to keep them warm. Reduced ice cover at some of the more northerly reaches of the Antarctic region has left some migrating penguins suffering from overheating. The special silver protective jackets are designed to reflect the sun’s heat and help maintain the penguins’ core body temperature at the chilly minus 20 degrees that they are used to.

PolarFoil-smallThe reflective jackets are made from PolarFoilTM, a 99.9% reflective fabric originally designed to protect space walking astronauts from harmful solar rays. Joe King, Director of Experimental Science at the Antarctic survey is optimistic for the project’s success. “Our trial of the PolarFoil fabric is still in it’s early days, but our thermal imaging technology shows that the penguins that we’ve fitted so far seem much better able to maintain their optimum body temperature”.

Penguins in PolarFoil