The Rundown Report: Petnet, Microsoft and more!

1 minute read

Let’s sit back and enjoy a quick rundown of three news stories that have caught our eye this week…

1. Microsoft launch Focused Inbox 

Microsoft have released two new updates for Outlook users, Focused Inbox and @mentions. Focused Inbox aims to provide better control of your inbox, helping users to be aware of their most important emails.

2. Petnet servers go down

The BBC reported this week that pets were left hungry after Petnet’s servers went down, meaning automatic feeders stopped working. Petnet have confirmed all is back up and running now.


3. Pokemon Go player catches them all

Sam Clark has become the first UK Pokemon Go player to catch all 142 species in the popular game. Clark has said in the process he’s walked over 225km.

Have any other news stories caught your eye? Drop us a tweet and tell us all about them.