The Rundown Report: It’s not all bad news…

2 minute read

It’s always a busy week here at – there’s just time to report some of the news stories which caught our eye this week.


The Telegraph and many others (including Yahoo) have reported the largest publicly disclosed cyber breach in history – that ‘state sponsored’ hackers have stolen email addresses and other personal details of up to 500 million Yahoo users. Customers are urged to change their passwords – although might be a little late as the hack reportedly took place back in 2014.


Refund? Beware.

Meanwhile BT have alerted us to scammers sending emails offering to refund overpaid TV Licence fees – but of course you’ll need to visit an official looking TV Licencing website to update your bank details first. Sounds like good news? I don’t think so.


University challenged

Manchester Evening News also reports more digital skulduggery – that new entry students should be wary of phishing emails claiming to be from Student Finance England. The emails include malware links and challenge them that failure to respond will result in the loss or delay of their student finance.


Need some good news?

I like this. DailyGood is a website and daily email service that focuses only on the good things in our world. From how re-introducing wolves to Yellowstone National Park has improved the ecology of its rivers to how the first ‘Blue Marble’ photographs of Earth have enhanced the human appreciation of our fragile planet. That’s better.