The Rundown Report: Friday frauds, phishing and fakes

1 minute read

It’s our regular Friday rundown report of news items that have caught our eye. Keep your wits about you. This week it’s all about phishing fraud and fakery.

1. The ransom email that knows where you live

The BBC’s Technology stream (and others) this week reported a new phishing scam email which targets its audience by including accurate address details. Once activated the Maktub malware encrypts its victim’s files and demands a ransom to return them.

MakTub virus

2. Fraudsters reap billions through email scams

Across the pond, and Reuters reported that businesses in over 70 countries have lost billions to fraudsters impersonating company executives. The imposters use ‘company’ emails to order staff to transfer money into the criminals’ accounts.


3. The fake Rembrandt created by an algorithm

Finally, Wired reports that two Dutch museums have used a deep learning algorithm to create 346 fake copies of Rembrandt masterpieces. The digital fakes combined huge amounts of sample data with 3D digital printing in order to create the fake pieces.

Fake Rembrandt

Take care out there!