Target your audience by location. Simple

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Geolocation is one of the easiest ways to create a refined audience – that is a criteria by which to precision target the delivery of your campaigns. Specifying a starting location and then including or excluding subscribers according to a given radius from that point is the easiest way to do it. The applications are various – promoting local stores or restaurants and free delivery areas are just 2 of the most obvious.


Creating an audience is a data manipulation feature so you’ll find the tools to do this in the ‘Collect’ section of the platform.

Select Collect and then Audience Segmentation from the drop down menu. Then you’ll see the option to create a new audience. You can give your audience a name and then save.


Once created you’ll see 2 geolocation related audience options – to include and exclude location. Picking include will do exactly that.


Then you’ll see a handy map where you can enter your desired starting location. As you start typing the system will auto prompt for matching locations – smart!

Geolocation - woking

Geolocation - woking

Then use the slider bar to extend the inclusion area of your audience. In this case we’ll select all subscribers within 100 miles of the starting location. When you’re done click save and your audience is now ready.


Geolocation 100 miles

Using an audience comes in 2 parts. First, as above, the audience needs to be created. Because of the way Audiences work, once its created (that is the characteristics of the audience are defined) it can be used over and over again. Here you’re not defining anything about the subscribers themselves – just the criteria that they may or may not fit into.

Second it needs to be applied to a specific campaign delivery. This is done when the campaign is scheduled in the ‘Send’ section. Wnhen you schedule a campaign you’ll normally do 3 things: select the list that the campaign is to be sent to , select the email to send and finally when it is to go. Selecting the audience is a fourth possible action here. Additionally selecting your audience (for example our inside 100 miles from Woking) acts like an additional level of sieve or filter to the list you have already selected. The campaign will be sent to all subscribers on the list but the Audience then provides a further go/no-go based on the criteria. Inside the region will be allowed, outside excluded. Easy.

There’s 2 other really neat aspects about audiences.

First – they are dynamic. Once created, each time your audience is used, new subscribers which may have been added to your database will be automatically included or excluded according to whether or not they fit the criteria. You don’t need to do anything else.

Second – they can be combined. When adding your audience to your sending instruction you have the ability to combine multiple audiences together. This allows you to further define by multiple criteria – for example geolocation AND engagement.