Strip it down. The simple subscription form

1 minute read

Less is more. It’s certainly true when starting to collect subscriber data. Here’s a nice example of a stripped-down subscription form. Some points to notice:

Subscription form

Subtle branding – there’s not much here to distract the subscriber from your objective.

A clear heading – to the point and it does exactly what it says it will do.

A simple instruction – it contains all the essential elements. What to do, what the data will be used for, the anticipated frequency of contact and the value of action to your subscriber.

The minimum of data collection – at this stage an email address is all that’s needed. You can always collect more information as the relationship progresses.

Data security  – showing that you empathise with your subscribers concerns and that you’ll respect and protect their data. It’s a nice touch and it’s enough.

Call to action -a big, bright, easy to click button with a clear instruction – no doubts about what to do or what will happen.

Place this somewhere nice and obvious on your website, connect it to your designated list, add an automated confirmation email to verify the collected data (the double opt-in) – and, in case the next newsletter’s not ready yet, follow up quickly with a nice automated welcome email.

Subscription form

Short, simple, but highly effective.