Whose Space? MySpace!

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For the past few months we have been branching out and developing websites for musicians big and small. This has ultimately led us down the road of Social Networking, an into a world of sites such as Facebook, Twitter and my personal nightmare, MySpace.

MySpace really is the first choice of the music sector and thus we need to build pages for our clients, however MySpace is backwards in regards to standards, design structure and in my opinion common sense. We have had to forget everything we’ve been taught and test, read, try and test some more to piece together something we could normally do first time. It has been quite a challenge but we’ve got there in the end!

Looking forward MySpace has introduced a module based page theme for their standard profile accounts which hopefully will be filtered down to the band sites. This will mean a lot of the customization we have done will have to be revised, however I have high hopes for standards and plugins to neatly tie the pages together.

Our favorite social site would have to be Facebook, all our staff have their own profiles where our social lives are well documented (sometimes a little too well!). We have now also got our very own Sign-Up Facebook page, so check us out!

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