What’s happened to Twitter?

2 minute read

If you’re a Twitter user you may have noticed some strange goings on in Twitter land, and the appearance of the “fail whale” (above). Problems first begun yesterday, but today we’re seeing a whole new set of problems.

At the end of last week, Mashable reported that Twitter engineer Jean-Peal Cozzatti has explained the recent performance problems, explaining that Twitter has grown so much and so quickly that the Twitter team have been challenged when trying to keep up with the volume of data.

However, today at Sign-Up.to we’ve noticed some strange goings on, with tweets being posted repeatedly after telling the user there was a problem updating the message to the feed. The Telegraph have also reported on these problems, highlighting problems Stephen Fry had earlier today. The Telegraph have claimed that the introduction of Twitter’s geolocation has caused the problems.

The Twitter Status blog initially claimed the site was inaccessible due to “scheduled maintenance” but later said the down time was due to “issues resulting from the failed enhancement of a new approach to timeline caching

So, are these problems going to continue? It appears Twitter has now gone back to normal, but we hope these problems don’t continue. Earlier this month Mashable reported that Twitter hits 2 billions tweets a month, so perhaps the sheer size of Twitter has caused these problems? What do you think, have you been affected by this? Let us know your thoughts in our comment box below!