What is Ping?

2 minute read

Last week Apple announced the launch of Ping, a social networking place for music linked to iTunes. Ping allows you to follow others to find out what they are listening to. You can also follow artists and see what music they are creating. As well as this users see upcoming concert dates and view a news feed, similar to Facebook. In order to tie it in with other Apple products, Ping is available on desktop, on iPhone and on the iPod touch. According to Mashable, Apple described Ping as “Facebook meets Twitter for music“.

But what about Myspace? Myspace launched as a music network website in 2003 and became the most popular social networking place. However, in recent years Myspace has struggled to compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter. In a BBC article Ping has been described as an ambitious move that will present a challenge to Myspace.

MySpace has traditionally attracted musicians, who use the site to share their own music and discover other artists. However, its growth has stagnated at around 60 million users and many people have migrated to other networks such as Facebook. Ping destroys whatever was left of MySpace’s market share.

However, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Ping. Mashable told us that although they now have over 1 million users, there have been some spamming problems as well as limited availability internationally. The Telegraph have also reported that who is even using iTunes anymore to care about Ping? While it’s clear that Apple have a market for this product, it’ll be interesting to see how Ping grows and effects the likes of Myspace. Here at Sign-Up.to we’ll be keeping an eye on its development as a social networking platform.

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