Twitter Case Study: Lily Allen

3 minute read

If you have been reading my blogs over the last few weeks you will be familiar with the basics of Twitter and how the platform can be used. In this blog I’m going to use a real life example of one Twitter user who I feel is doing everything right to show how you can take Twitter a step further.

@lilyroseallen has over 430,000 followers and has posted almost 800 updates. Lily succeeds not only in engaging her audience but achieving column inches with her tweets and she does it all by just being herself.

During her recent US tour Allen hid tickets for each show in the vicinity of the venue and tweeted clues for her followers to decipher in order to find the tickets. This was not an entirely original idea but it created a buzz around each event, gave Lily a legitimate reason for tweeting about each show and allowed her to engage with her fans in person and online.  She used TwitPic to post up pictures of her handing over tickets to her followers. Twitpic integrates with Twitter and allows her followers to view and comment on each picture.

During the tour Lily also tweeted asking for restaurant suggestions in various cities and at one point her blackberry was hijacked by a friend who posted up uncharacteristic updates, which lily later apologised for in her own way. She also posted pictures of herself in bed, hungover eating ribs.

Throughout this Lily comes across as genuine and authentic. There is never any doubt that what you are reading is coming from the lady herself and does not appear to be courting the attention, despite following very few people she responds to her @replies and has conversations with her follower base.

After returning from her tour she continues to interact with her fans from home and even on safari, where she posts pictures of herself with elephants as well as commenting on the long lens she is using and the paparazzi it reminds her of. She tweets about popular topics such as Britain’s Got Talent’s  Susan Boyle and offers an honest opinion. Both of these tweets were mentioned in the daily newspapers the next day.

By engaging her followers, posting as herself and being involved in topical discussion Lily gives her followers value, exclusive content, free giveaways and a chance to read what she writes before it hits the newspapers.

If you would like to know more about engaging your follower base on Twitter send a message to @signupto