Trending topic by location launched on Twitter

1 minute read

Last week a Mashable article claimed the location based trending topics were slowly being rolled out on Twitter. Today, it has been rolled out to all and here at we’ve been trying out the feature ourselves.

So what is it? Local trends allow you to set your location and see what trends are popular in the selected area. Unfortunately, the locations are still fairly limited, though Twitter have placed the message “we’re working on it”, suggesting the feature will expand over time. We’re based in Woking, Surrey so our most relevant options are the United Kingdom or London. America appears to have considerably more options, so it’ll be interesting to see which locations are added next.

As the feature grows it will allow you as a business to target your customers more effectively. Mashable recently posted the article “Why Twitter wants to know where you are” and claimed Twitter was in a better position than anyone to roll out business services that serve local retails. Furthermore, it suggests Twitter advertising is soon to follow.

We don’t know what Twitter advertising will look like, but we can safely assume that location data will help Twitter connect advertisers to Twitter users by their locations

It appears Twitter will be making some substantial changes in 2010 and it’ll be interesting to see how it affects both individual users and businesses. We’ll keep you updated as more features are rolled out.