The new Twitter unveiled

2 minute read

Yesterday, Twitter announced a “new, re-engineered that provides an easier, faster, and richer experience”. To accompany the announcement, Twitter posted a compelling video showing how the new look website will look, which we thought was quite impressive.

The new Twitter is being rolled out now to a small percentage of users, though we’re yet to see it in our account. As part of the relaunch they have created a new design as well as making it easier to view media content from the likes of TwitPic and YouTube. They’ve also made it easier for users to view related content, which includes being able to see geotags and replies.

But what has the media’s reaction been to this relaunch? The BBC reported that the launch is part of Twitter’s aim to ensure people visit the website for longer periods of time and suggested that industry watchers were impressed with the new Twitter, including MG Siegler of who said “my initial impression is that this is definitely an upgrade in pretty much every way”Mashable have claimed that this launch is an “attack” on all desktop apps, claiming that the new Twitter allows you to do everything some desktop apps were already offering.

“The new essentially rolls up all the best features from all the best desktop and web clients and repurposes them for mainstream use.”

Are you one of the small percentage to have the new Twitter live in your account? Get in touch and let us know! We’re all excited about seeing the new Twitter and the benefits it will bring.