The Conversation Prism

1 minute read

If you’ve been to one of our email marketing Discovery Mornings you will have heard about The Conversation Prism. Originally developed in 2008 by Brian Solis, it’s an infographic – a snap-shot visual map of the social media landscape.

Conversation prism


What does it show?

It sets out to categorise and track the most dominant and upcoming social media platforms, organising them into concentric rings and 26 different interest segments – from social networks, images, video and music and things like blogging, influence and crowd wisdom. The latest version features over 200 platforms.

What’s it for?

Apart from being an attractive graphical piece in its own right the intention is to help users orientate their own social presence and to establish their direction, strategy and potential value. One of the defined objectives is to encourage the exploration of opportunities beyond the most popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and to help users find the online communities where they can best find exposure and influence.

What’s the value?

Embarking on a social media presence introduces a range of challenges – from where to get involved to how and when to join in with the conversation. Tools like the Conversation Prism make navigation that much easier easier and perhaps just a little more beautiful.


The Conversation Prism is referenced in section 7 of the email marketing Discovery Morning – ‘Social Media: essential tool or just part of the noise?’