Social stories: Lady Gaga

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These days you can’t escape social media, it’s everywhere. The great thing about it is that everyone is using it in their own unique way – whether to tell a story, share things with friends, report on the latest news or promote a product or service, social media is great at becoming what you want it to be!

We thought we’d celebrate this by looking at some social stories; from celebrities to the monarchy, and companies to entrepreneurs. First up, Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga burst onto the scene in 2008 with the song ‘Just Dance’ and has since become a global icon, often surrounded by controversy. Gaga’s first album ‘The Fame’ has sold over 4 million copies in the US and she continues to go from strength to strength. The question is: how does she use social media?

Blog feed & website integration

A quick glance at the singer’s website immediately shows us that it’s fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – the key social media channels. Tweets feed directly on to the blog feed on her website, so there is always fresh, new content. As well as this every post on the website has social sharing buttons integrated, so fans can share information with their friends – helping attract more attention to Lady Gaga’s website. The great thing about it is that it’s clear that social media is important to Gaga’s marketing strategy. If your business is going to use social media it’s vital to integrate it fully into your marketing strategy, avoid using it in a half-hearted effort.

Social media pages

If you’re going to a use a social platform you might as well use it to the properly, right? Lady Gaga does exactly that, every aspect of her Facebook page is used. There are videos, photos, links and even a store where you can buy merchandise. For any fan, it’s the perfect site and it’s for that reason that in July 2010 she became the first living artist to have over 10 million Facebook fans.

Gaga’s marketing strategy also includes premiering videos on Youtube and in October 2010 she hit one billion views on Youtube. The people behind the singer are efficiently using the popularity of services like Youtube to their advantage.

One of the cleverest ways that they’ve used Facebook was back at the beginning of 2010 when they marketed a ‘National Lady Gaga’ day. How did they do it? Well they created a Facebook event, invited all their fans to the event and then just watched the attendee number rise. All in all over 100,000 people joined in with the fun. Facebook events are available to every branded page and what a great example of viral marketing.  Why not create an event for a new store opening, or special promotion taking place and invite your fans along? Facebook will then display that event to friends of people going along, helping to attract some interest in your business.

Fan interaction

It’s fair to say that the singer’s fans are vitally important, and Gaga manages to reach them on a personal level. For example, on the Twitter and Facebook page she often refers to fans as ‘monsters’ and in the latest single ‘Born this way’ she tells people to ‘put their paws up’ – perhaps slightly eccentric, but nonetheless it’s a direct reference to her online fan base. Now that’s a dedication!

Lady Gaga also regularly posts personal messages to fans and publishes backstage photos, helping fans feel like all the content is coming directly from her, regardless of whether it is or not. With all marketing it’s important to reach and recognise the people who are going to help you succeed.

The purpose of social media is to help your business, cause or message to be heard and Lady Gaga offers rewards to her fans, such as posting lyrics to a new song, if she trends on Twitter. But what is trending? According to Twitter trends are topics that are being talked about more right now than they were previously. The Trends list is designed to help people discover the ‘most breaking’ breaking news from across the world, in real-time”. So, to summarise, trending is a way of attracting attention to your Twitter page, helping a page become a viral success.

What we can all learn from Lady Gaga (a strange sentence!)

Ultimately, Lady Gaga has got social media right – she knows how to talk to her audience on a personal level. Let’s remember that all celebrities and businesses use social media  to sell something, but there has to be a marketing objective. You can’t use it to just hammer home what you’re selling, the approach has to be softer than that to help build long term relationships and a loyal fan/customer base.

We hope you’ve found this social story interesting, and if you’d like to see a specific social story, get in touch with us in the comments box below!