Social sharing: What you can learn from Facebook Insights

5 minute read

So you’re running your business Facebook page and you think it’s going well – people are interacting with comments, you’re getting new fans and you’re regularly posting updates. How can you really measure success though?

One of the great things about Facebook are the wonderful Insights it provides you. These will tell you everything you need to know how about how your page is performing. In this post we have listed four of the key performance indicators that Facebook Insights will provide. In order to view your page’s Insights click through to Facebook’s Insights page and select your page.


Each gender is broken down into six age groups, as well as a general overview. The visuals are great as they really break down the essential information for you into manageable categories, these can then be compared on a month to month basis.

Facebook has more female users than male ones so don’t worry if there doesn’t seem to be a balance on your page.

Where are your fans from?

Whether you’re a business with one location or you’re a nationwide company, you’ll want to know where your fans are from.

Facebook breaks down fan information into country, city and language. What can you do with this information? If you’re looking at expansion plans, why not throw Facebook into the mix? Have a look at the cities where your fans are viewing your page from – it might be that all important deciding factor. Or you may be a company based in the UK but attracting a lot of attention from a US audience – which could be a new market and business opportunity for you.

Update impressions

Within the interactions section of Insights you can see an overview of your recent updates as well as the date posted. Next to this you can also see the number of impressions and feedback each post gained.

The impressions number is how many people saw your update and the feedback figure is the ratio of the total likes and comments on the update, over the total number of times it’s seen.

Generally speaking, if your impressions are higher than the number of fans you have – the update has been a success! Don’t be too disheartened if figures aren’t what you expected, we recommend using this feature as a comparison measure; it allows you to see how different updates perform.

User levels and interactions

It’s really important not to be too overwhelmed by the quantity of information Facebook provides, though there is a lot of it! To break it down, Facebook provides you with some quick stats showing you the number of new likes you’ve had, lifetime likes and monthly active users – and you can chose the time parameters for this information. Phew!

Similar to the user levels, interactions allow you to see the number of post views and post feedback – either in quick stats or in a graph, allowing you to assess progress over a time period of your choice.

Putting Insights to use

It’s important to decide what type of information you want to get from Insights, before looking at the information. There’s a lot of data readily available and in order to get the most value from Insights we recommend being firm about what you’d like to know from the start. For example, how updates compare and where your fans are based and how you can effectively use this information in the future.

If you have any questions about using Insights, please leave your comments in the box below!