Social sharing: Using Twitter and

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Following on from our beginners guide to Twitter and the steps to setting up your Twitter profile let’s take a look at how you can integrate Twitter with your account. In a later post we’ll be looking at how you can use your account with Facebook.

Integrating your email campaign with Twitter

You can easily share your email campaigns on Twitter by linking your Twitter login with your account. This allows you to tweet a web version of your email campaign at the same time as you send your email. We’ll even track the views and clicks on your tweeted campaign.

This allows the Twitter world to view your email campaign and hey, you might gain some new subscribers from it! To learn more about integrating your email campaign with Twitter check out our handy guide.

Analysing the information

Using the ‘Share’ section of your account you can see how many people viewed your email campaign, and how many new people it reached. You can also examine how many retweets you gained and compare the links clicked in your email to the links clicked from your tweet. This allows you to effectively assess how well your message was received and decide what works best for different audiences – helping you make more informed decisions about future marketing activity. Remember, your email subscribers may be a little more brand loyal to you, but your Twitter followers believe you have something interesting to say and will be curious to see your email campaigns.

To have a look around our Share section and to see what information it can provide you check out our introductory video.

Sharing emails

As well as integration to your Twitter account we’ve also added a handy function that allows you to add social sharing buttons when creating your email, making it easy for your subscribers to share your content with their own networks.

These buttons include Facebook, Twitter and MySpace as well as many other networks. Once your email is opened a subscriber simply clicks one of the buttons and it allows them to share your email on the relevant social media website. In a similar way to our Twitter integration, it’s a great way of spreading your message to new people and can be a great tool for generating some interest in your business.

We’ve created a handy guide on how to add these social sharing buttons to your email marketing campaign so check it out!

We hope you’ve found this blog post useful, and remember all of these integration methods are really quick and simple and could make all the difference to your online marketing. If you have any tips on how to spread your company message further on Twitter please share them in the comments box below!