Social sharing: Using Facebook and

3 minute read

Following on from our beginners guide to Facebook and how you can use their Insights let’s take a look at how you can integrate Facebook with your account. This is the final topic in our social sharing series and we hope you’ve found them all useful.

Spread your message further

In the Create section of your account we’ve added a handy function that allows you to add social sharing buttons when creating your email. These buttons make it easy for your subscribers to share content on their own networks.

As well as Facebook you can also add Twitter and Myspace sharing options. Once the email is opened a subscriber can click the social button and post your email campaign directly to their Facebook feed. It’s a really great way of spreading your message further and a good way of generating some new interest in your business.

Remember, Facebook allows people to express themselves and the type of person they are. If your business is compelling and interesting fans will want to be associated with you. They will want to help promote you and giving them the option is only the start!

Gain new subscribers from Facebook

One of the best ways of gaining new subscribers is through data capture forms. These allow people interested in your business to sign up to receive your emails. As such it’s important to place a form in a prominent place on your website. Using iFrames you can quickly add a data capture form to your Facebook page. The form will appear in a tab, listed beneath your Facebook image, and is a great way of reaching new subscribers. Check out our handy guide to see how to add a data capture form to your Facebook page.

At we’re committed to allowing easy integration across a number of online platforms and for us this is just the start! Watch out for some exciting developments in the coming months. If you have any integration methods you’d like to see within the platform get in touch with us using the comments box below.