Social sharing: 5 first steps to set up your Twitter page

4 minute read

When creating your Twitter presence the ultimate aim is to give users a reason to click the ‘follow’ button. Followers are the lifeblood of your Twitter account, they’re the people who will see your messages and help your presence to grow by re-tweeting posts and interacting with you.

Here we have listed five simple steps that, from our experience, we think our important when creating your Twitter presence.

1. Chose an easy, short username

When creating your Twitter page it is essential to have a username that your customers will recognise instantly. It’s also a good idea that the username isn’t too long, so that it’s easy for followers to write to you. As well as this, Twitter only allows for 140 character messages, so you wouldn’t want followers to fill up their message to you with your username!

2. Fill in the details

Before you do anything, make sure you set a background and profile image that represents your branding. As well as this, fill in the details – the name, bio, and website fields (within the settings section). These first impressions are what makes all the difference; this is how someone will know it’s you.

3. Follow companies relevant to you

Another way for people to recognise and identify with your Twitter page is by following relevant companies, it helps add a little substance to your page. For example, we follow email marketing and social media companies because it’s relevant to our industry. Although you may be drawn to following people or celebrities that you like, try and keep it relevant – this is part of your branding, after all.

4. Set up search functions

Using tools like Tweetdeck you can set up searches which will help you find people talking about relevant things on Twitter. For example, If you own a Chinese restaurant and want to target relevant people you could search for tweets containing ‘chinese meal’. Once you’ve found someone talking about the relevant topic, you can then follow them. Although it doesn’t guarantee they’ll follow you back, there’s every chance they’ll notice you and your business. You can even communicate with people found through searches and it may create new custom.

5. Start the ball rolling with updates

Once you’ve initially set up your profile it’s important to post some introductory and friendly tweets. Perhaps a welcome note, or a hello to followers. Our recommendation is that it’s all about trial and error to see what works and what makes your followers talk to you. Getting the ball rolling is the best way of learning how to get people to respond to you. There’s also no harm in looking at what other businesses are doing to help benchmark yourself.

Do you have any useful tips that you’ve picked up from using Twitter? Feel free to share them with us, and for all new Twitter users reading – we hope you find this post helpful.