The social media stars of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

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We’re now a week into the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics and what a week it’s been! While most people look at gold medals to judge whether a country’s campaign has been successful, we prefer not to. Online marketing is our sport of choice, and we’ve seen some interesting and engaging social media profiles during the Olympics.

In this post we’ve focused our attention on the social media activity from Team GB, Team USA and Team Canada on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – though of course there are many other countries promoting the Winter Olympics.


As a prominent social media channel for all three teams, deciding on a winner for Twitter activity and engagement has been difficult. All three teams have very responsive pages, full of fantastic photography and live updates. However, in terms of interaction with followers, Team GB has to take the gold medal. Their #GBSelfie hashtag is very well used, with ‘selfies’ from around the Olympic park being regularly retweeted. The interaction is evident with Team GB, who have a whopping 621,000 followers, alongside Team USA‘s 458,000 and Team Canada‘s 264,000. Canada’s #WEAREWINTER and follower retweets help it take the silver.

Twitter podium


Both Team USA and Team Canada have custom Facebook applications for Sochi, however the competitions they’ve been running seem to have now come to an end. Although Team GB don’t have a custom application for Sochi, their Page is far better maintained compared to the other two. The constant mix of text and photographs as well as good use of the post highlight feature (allowing for important posts to stick at the top of the page) helps Team GB to gold again. Team Canada take the silver again, simply due to the quality of their updates and post frequency.

Facebook podium


All three teams have fairly active Instagram profiles, although the quality of the images on the Team USA feed far exceeds both Team GB and Team Canada. Instagram is all about creative shots, beautiful framing and bold colours, and in my opinion Team USA nails it. Team GB follows close behind, with Team Canada grabbing the bronze. Unfortunately Canada’s Instagram feed didn’t inspire me, although the images they post when they win a medal are great.

Instagram podium

The results

Taking all of the above into account I have to applaud Team GB on the quality of their social media activity, and I’m not just saying that because I’m from Blighty. Social media is all about a great mix of images and text updates, and the frequency in which posts are added – especially during a big event such as the Olympics – is also important. Having said that, both Team USA and Team Canada have a very good social media presence.