Social media roundup

3 minute read

Over the past week we’ve seen some great social media news and developments which we thought we’d share with you.

The first story to talk about is the announcement of some new Facebook integrations. On Wednesday (13th) Facebook announced an integration with Bing. The idea behind the development is that users can now search for something on Bing and see which of your Facebook friends have previously ‘liked’ websites related to that search. Bing have also developed a smarter ‘People on Facebook’ feature which shows the most relevant people to you, based on the number of mutual friends. As a follow up to that news Facebook and Skype announced a new deal. Skype users can now sync their Facebook page with their Skype account, as the Telegraph reports. Skype called Facebook “the most important social platform in the world” and a natural partnership.

“Rather than create social functions ourselves, it made much more sense to partner with Facebook. It’s a natural marriage.”

Towards the end of last week Greater Manchester Police conducted a 24 hour Twitter experiment where every incident they dealt with was posted on Twitter. They used four accounts in all and the BBC reported that they conducted the experiment in order to give the public an idea of a typical day of a Police officer. While there were some serious incidents, other reports included a man who called 999 to tell them he’d be away at Christmas and could someone come and stay at his house to protect it from burglars. While it could be argued that perhaps their time could have been better spent it’s great to see social media being used in this way. Furthermore the Greater Manchester Police called the experiment a success.

“We have tried to give a serious message about transparency and how we get that out to the public. As well as serious crimes, we deal with many social issues and other incidents that the public are quite surprised about.”

Finally, clothing company Gap recently posted an image of a new company logo on their Facebook page in order to get feedback from their fans. This week, they have been forced to revert back to their original logo after receiving large amounts of negative press regarding the logo change. In a press release Gap stated that they’d learnt how about how popular their branding is and stated that they’d “missed an opportunity to engage correctly with their online audience”. While it’s important to use social media to talk to your fans, perhaps Gap should have interacted with their online fans before designing the new logo.

We’ve enjoyed all of these news stories and development, but have you seen any other interesting articles this week? We’d love to see them so post them in our comments box below!