Revisiting our social sharing series

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Earlier in the year the blog showcased a brand new series of posts all about social media and how you can utilise it for your business. As time goes on social media becomes more and more vital as a channel for communication between business and consumers. To acknowledge this and also celebrate the launch of our new ‘Go social!’ tools, we thought it high time that we revisited some of the key points of the social sharing blog series.


Why use Twitter?
In a nutshell, it’s a quick and easy way to provide information to those who are interested. This isn’t just your followers, but also people searching by interest. It allows you to communicate with with customers personally and in real-time, and Twitter promotes the sharing of information so word of your business will spread. Also it’s growing rapidly! According to Twitter, over 450,000 accounts are opened on average each day. Find out more about Twitter and how use it as a marketing tool.

Getting started on Twitter
Think carefully about your username and make sure you’ve completed your profile details fully. Why not check out what other companies in relevant fields are doing on Twitter and choose some to follow? Use searches to see what kinds of conversations are going on around your area of expertise. Once your feeling a little more confident, get Tweeting! Read more on the things you should consider when starting out on Twitter.

Your Twitter strategy
Be regular in your updates, but avoid overloading your followers with hundreds of tweets per day! Fully incorporate Twitter in to your marketing strategy by including links to your page in your emails and on your website. Keep updates relevant and interact with your followers. Still not happening for you? Check out some ways to change your approach.

Twitter and
Easily integrate your Twitter account with so you can automatically tweet your email campaigns, this also gives you access to unique stats on how Twitter users interact with your campaigns. Use our ‘Go social!’ buttons to promote your own pages and also to let subscribers share your content on their own. Read more about sharing through


Why use Facebook?
It’s massive! Facebook currently have over 750 million active users, so there’s sure to be people who are interested in what you do. Facebook is also a great place to share longer updates, links and photos. Check out some great advice on setting up a business page and getting started.

Facebook dos and don’ts
Keep it relevant but make it more than just selling yourself. Respond to people, whether their views are positive or negative and never remove comments. Reward fans for being loyal and don’t neglect your page!  Read more on these tips.

Facebook insights
Facebook offer unique information on who your fans are, where they come from and what they’ve found interesting on your page. Analyse this data to tailor your approach going forward. Find out more about what’s on offer and how you can utilise it.

Facebook and
As with Twitter, we recommend fully incorporating your Facebook page into your marketing strategy to get the most from it. Adding links to your page and social sharing buttons will also help to spread the word. Did you know you are able to add a data capture form to your page as well? This allows people to subscribe to your emails from within Facebook. Find out how you can do this.


We hope that you’ve found this round-up useful and that you’re now ready and raring to go with social media. As always if you have any questions or comments, pop them in the box below. Be sure to keep your eyes on the blog for more upcoming content about social media and your business, we’ve got some very exciting updates coming soon!