New year resolution 11 of 12 – go social!

4 minute read

While we’re talking about adding other communications to your marketing mix, here’s another easy one. We think your new year resolution 11 of 12 should be to use social media to expand your audience and extend your reach.


You can either just use the social media tools to manage your posts or you can link your campaigns directly into your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Either way it couldn’t be easier and it will instantly extend your reach into your social network and potentially those of your followers.

Social media is a great way of building engagement, improving your brand image and getting more involved with the industry at large. However, there are a couple of things to consider.

Firstly, where to be involved. There are a huge number of social forums, some general, some very specific. Different social platforms exist with very different purposes in mind. Some are very image heavy with the intention of allowing users to share useful or interesting content, such as Tumblr, StumbleUpon and Pinterest. Others are intended more for networking, such as LinkedIn and Google+.


Before you embark take some time to research where your customers are socialising and what they are saying, especially if they are talking about you or your competitors. Then you can begin to plan how to get involved in their conversation and how this might be used to support your brand.

Secondly, unlike email (and SMS), it’s important to bear in mind that with social media you don’t have a 1 to 1 relationship with your audience, and that means you don’t control the conversation. Whether it’s Google or someone else there is always an intermediary who is monitoring and almost certainly filtering the communication. For many, that’s OK, but letting the world loose with your carefully created brand and message can be an unnerving step to take.

Thirdly, like your email output establish a purpose. Also like email, content is king. If you’re posting just for the sake of it you’re probably just adding to the noise, and of course make sure your social posts are consistent with your other communications and your overall brand experience.

And finally, don’t underestimate the resources needed to have a meaningful social presence. You can pre-schedule content to a certain extent but you’ll still need to regularly monitor the channel and be ready to interject or respond. That takes time and process. Especially make sure you have a customer service process in place to handle any queries and complaints that you might get through these channels.


So your new year resolution 11 of 12 is to integrate social media into your email campaigns.

All you need to do is set up profiles on your chosen sites, integrate your Facebook and Twitter accounts with and get posting.

Here’s a summary of a few actions to take:

1. First and foremost, decide what you’re trying to achieve through your marketing. Once you have a clear idea on that, you can decide which media channels are most appropriate for your messages. You can find out more here.
2. Three key factors to consider when deciding which platform(s) to use for your social media marketing, purpose, terms of use, audience location.
3. Read our Coffee Break Guide to Social Media. It’s free to download from our website.

I’ll be back with your final new year resolution (12 of 12) soon. In the meantime if you have any questions regarding social media, give us a call, we’ll be pleased to help.