New Twitter: first impressions

4 minute read

Last night (Thursday 8th December) Twitter announced and began rolling out a brand new design for web, iPhone and Android applications, as well as Tweetdeck. Here’s a shot of how our Twitter page looks this morning on the web, compared with the old style.

New Twitter

Old Twitter

So what do we think? Well, on first glance it appears that they’ve just flipped the design round – trending topics used to sit on the right, they now sit on the left etc. On closer inspection it feels a lot tidier though; we no longer see profile pictures of our followers, just a link to view them. Images are still present (though smaller) and photos posted alongside a tweet now sit quite nicely on the feed. As well as this, the ‘similar to you’ section is smaller and sits lower in the page. Our tweets, following and follower information still remains, but sits at the very top of the page.

Overall it feels that they’ve tried to make the design more concise and slick, and I think this is where they’ve succeeded. The design is smart, allows me to see everything I want to see, and explore further if I need to. There are just three links at the very top of the page now – home, connect and discover. ‘Home’ is where we see the usual timeline of follower tweets, ‘Connect’ is where ‘the conversation begins‘ and ‘Discover’ is the newest tab to arrive. ‘Discover’ not only displays the trending topics we’re all so used to seeing, but also displays a story section – taking the most popular topics that one step further. The stories give a brief summary as to why a topic might be trending, links to a news article and gives users the chance to view tweets about that topic. This is where Twitter have excelled themselves, they recognise that social media is fast becoming the place that people see news first. The ‘Discover’ page takes advantage of this and makes those topics even more prominent than before.

The new designs we’re seeing on web, mobile applications and desktop are consistent –  the Tweetdeck update is particularly prominent and the blue colour scheme already seen on mobile has come into play. Econsultancy reported that Twitter want the user experience to be consistent no matter where or how the message is being sent, and I think this demonstrates how their brand has evolved. They recognise that their platform has become global and have responded.

While the rollout has begun, some of the team are yet to see the new look in their personal accounts. Over to you all, what do you think of the new look? Are you impressed with the mobile and Tweetdeck updates? We’d love to hear what you think and how you think this redesign will aid Twitter’s growth in the new year. Get in touch with us in the comments box below.