iOS 7 has arrived! How has social media changed?

5 minute read

Yesterday saw the release of Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 7. For the Apple geeks out there (like me) this is pretty much a big deal. It’s not just a cosmetic update; the new operating system features fundamental changes to the way we use the iPhone.

Whilst there are a number of updates that turn me in to a small child at Disney World, I want to focus on how social media has changed. Techniques and ideas adopted and created by Apple often set the way for how other companies develop their mobile devices. So, for the Apple haters out there (not like me), updates to these areas may impact you at some point down the line. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the individual updates and how they may affect you.

iOS 7 Siri Twitter searchLet’s look at how Twitter has been integrated into iOS 7. Twitter has seen a decent list of updates, but Facebook hasn’t really seen any of the action. It seems fairly clear which social network Apple are bigger fans of. One of my favourite updates is with how you can use Twitter with Siri, the iPhone’s voice-activated personal assistant. You can now verbally search for what people are talking about on Twitter, making it a lot easier to find relevant and interesting content through the social network.

I can see this being an interesting feature for businesses promoting their products or services on Twitter. For example, someone could ask Siri to search Twitter and find them an offer at a restaurant in London, making it important for local businesses to be registered and active on social networks to be in with a chance of being picked up in these searches. Whilst we don’t exactly know how this is going to perform, it’s going to be interesting to monitor over time as more and more people start using this feature. That’s not all though… You can now post to Twitter using Siri, making for a whole new hands-free Twitter experience. This will naturally make posting your thoughts to the social network a lot easier.

Alongside the Siri update, Twitter has been integrated in to the Safari web browser as well. There’s a new area in Safari dedicated to showing links shared by the people you follow on Twitter; the idea is that users can quickly see what the people they follow are talking about across the web without traipsing through Twitter to find the links. This does have more benefits for businesses though. Sharing links on Twitter will now get you more viability as they are shared within other apps on people’s phones.

As well as these key Twitter updates, the new iTunes Radio app picks up popular music on Twitter and we’ve seen further integration with Flickr and Vimeo. It seems iOS 7 is truly the sociable mobile operating system.

Being an email marketing company, it would be rude not to look at the Mail app; however, from what we can see, it hasn’t changed a great deal. It’s more of a cosmetic change rather than an actual system update and as a result shouldn’t affect open and click rates too much. Time will tell if the new look does have an effect on email marketing statistics.

iOS 7 has received some very mixed reviews; however, I’m very much a fan from what I’ve seen so far. The added social integration is a real step forward; Apple devices are fast becoming the platform of choice for social interation.

As mobile devices become more integrated with social network it’s important as a business to utilise these channels for marketing and promotion. Are you a fan of the new operating system? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.