How to grow your social media presence

5 minute read

At we believe the social media platforms are a pivotal tool for any growing business. In today’s business world, platforms such as Facebook cannot be ignored. Recently, we reported that Facebook now has 400 million users, and Twitter users send 50 million tweets a day. These pages are still growing, so now’s the time to get your business online and see what social media can do for you. The question is, how do you grow your social media presence?

The first method is to use your existing customer base. If you have a database of subscribers within your account, why not send them an email advertising your social media pages? You can also include Facebook and Twitter links on your website and any promotional materials you may have. By alerting existing customers, you’re likely to have their loyalty already – which they can show to you online. The great thing about Facebook is that once a user becomes a fan of something, that fan page is placed on their friends’ homepage as a suggestion – which really shows how viral social media can be.

Another way to grow your presence is by using social media to talk about your business. You may tell customers about a new offer you’re running, new openings, new products – the list is endless. By telling your fan base what your company is doing, you’re allowing an insight into your brand and creating a personality, which can create brand loyalty. Linked to talking about your business is making announcements exclusively online. This will help your followers and fans feel like they have insider knowledge and keep them as fans, as they expect future announcements and want to be the first to know. Using Twitter, fans can also re-tweet interesting updates to their followers – a great promotional feature for businesses hoping to grow their fan base.

Businesses can also promote themselves online through exclusive offers, a great way of incentivising your fans and acquiring new ones. For example, you can create an event and allow all guests to invite their friends, who in turn will invite their friends. There are applications online which can help you create vouchers, and you can ask people who download your vouchers to become a fan in return.

Why not use Facebook and Twitter in conjunction with each other? Facebook allows you to directly link to Twitter, so that when you post an update, it’ll automatically be posted on Twitter too. This is a great, automatic way of promoting your business on both platforms, as customers may be a fan on Facebook but not Twitter and vice versa. For the majority of businesses, the Facebook and Twitter audience are very much the same in terms of their needs and expectations of your company. However, it’s important to look closely at your audience so you can understand who you’re talking to.

The great thing about the different social media platforms is that there are lots of tools which can help you and your business. Facebook, for example, allows you to advertise your business. These adverts can be targeted to specific audiences and you can decide how much you want to spend and how many impressions and clicks you want to have. Facebook, as well as many Twitter statistic websites, offer insights into your page, for example the level of growth or interaction your page has had. Another great tool is Tweetdeck, which allows you to create search functions, so you can see if someone mentions your company or anything related to you and your business. You can then follow these people, and the likelihood is they will follow you in return.

To conclude, there are many ways you can use social media, so it’s important to know who your audience are and use the tools that will benefit your business. If you have any useful tips that have worked for your business, please get in touch and let us know.