Great Facebook Content

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Facebook is a unique opportunity to put your content directly into the home feed of your Facebook Fans. To make the most of this your content needs to be valuable and engaging. Most of this is going to be specific to your business and it is only through knowing your userbase (something Facebook Insights can help with) that you will be able to gauge exactly what kind of content will resonate with your users, but here are a few examples.

Aleksandr Orlov – Founder of Compare the Meerkat

Compare the Market’s Aleksandr Orlov is a great character and suits Facebook perfectly. The benefit of an offline presence means he is instantly recognisable if you notice his face in your highlights due to friends interacting with him.

Aleksandr posts daily with amusing topical content and it works, as you can see from the screenshot  below.

Aleksandr Orlov - Facebook Comments

By following up the original scrabble content and reacting to the comments Aleksandr was able to achieve over 4,000 ‘Likes’ and 500+ comments, far higher than average. The link takes users through to the discussion tab on Aleksandr’s page where over 4,000 people signed the petition.

With 4,000 interactions and an average of 200 friends per person the reach from this content is about 800,000 people and we can see that the click through on the link is as high as the amount of likes.

Starbucks Coffee Company

Starbucks are another company who have a great offline presence but they are using social media to expand their online reach as well as driving foot traffic through their stores.


Starbucks listened to their fans and provided redemption vouchers to use in stores. In the case of the ‘Free Pastry Day’  Starbucks have created an event. This has a few key benefits.  It is instantly shareable in a way people are used to.  They can be invited to take part in ‘Free Pastry Day’ rather than being sent an easy to forget voucher in a message. The other benefit of an event is that it gives greater visibility: not only will it show up in the highlights of anyone who is friends with an attendee, a reminder will also be placed on the home screen of anyone who is invited for a few days before the event.

Even though this was a US only initiative the event had almost 600,000 attendees and 1,000,000 people were invited in total. This has helped Starbucks become one of the most followed brands on Facebook with almost 4 million fans.

Adidas Originals

Adidas have a mix of fresh content such as celebrity videos, special events and competitions but where they perform best is with product announcements. Adidas are a clothing company so it stands to reason that their fans would want to see their products.


By posting pictures of their products to Facebook, Adidas get 7,000+ likes and get their products (and the links to buy them) seen by people who want to see them.

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