Facebook’s privacy changes

2 minute read

In recent days there has been a heightened level of articles surrounding the privacy options available to Facebook users. The BBC reported that Facebook is now likely to cave into pressure from users to simplify the settings which allow users to ensure their details are kept private.

This issue began when Facebook opened up data to third party websites which Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, stated was a move towards “a web where the default is social”. The Telegraph reported that the European Commission heavily criticised this move.

“Any further access, such as by search engines, should be an explicit choice of the user. It is unacceptable that Facebook fundamentally changed the default settings on its social-networking platform to the detriment of users.”

Since then, The BBC reported that Facebook employees have held crisis meetings to deal with the backlash to the privacy changes – which included a “quit Facebook day”, to be held on the 31st May. Mashable even posted an article entitled “5 essential Facebook privacy tips”.

Today, Mashable have reported that Facebook are to now simplify privacy options, after Facebook’s chief of public policy appeared on a radio interview. Tim Sparapani said Facebook have come to this decision after people expressed their frustration and confusion towards the privacy options.

“We are going to be providing options for users who want simplistic bands of privacy that they can choose from and I think we will see that in the next couple of weeks.”

What do you think? Have you been affected by the constant privacy changes? Here at Sign-Up.to we believe simple privacy options are essential for any website, and look forward to seeing the options change in the coming weeks. If you have any comments about this subject please leave them in the box below!