Facebook’s improved analytics launched!

1 minute read

On Monday 7th June, Facebook launched a new insights dashboard, designed to give analytics for websites, applications and Facebook pages. The dashboard has been designed to give more information than previously available, with Facebook developer Alex Himel explaining that we’re now being provided with even better metrics.

“The Insights dashboard contains more data than before, as well as a host of new visualization tools, including the ability to view full screen, print, and save graphs.”

Mashable have reported that the insights are a smart upgrade and will help business-orientated Facebook users measure progress more efficiently. The new insights dashboard can be viewed here.

Here at Sign-Up.to, we think the new reports look great and give a great deal of information about individual updates – so comparisons can be made easily. Currently, the old insights reports are still available, but we wonder how long these will remain. What do you think? Will these upgraded reports help your business? Let us know your feedback in our comments box below!