Facebook privacy changes

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A recent Mashable article has highlighted that Facebook will soon be allowing status updates to be viewed by everyone. The idea of these changes is to allow people to share easily, similar to Twitter. A privacy guide published by Mashable states that the forthcoming changes are all about encouraging openness.

Facebook will encourage all of its users to join in on the world conversation by opening up their profiles, making their status updates public, and promoting its new realtime search tool.

Facebook currently focuses on “networks” for example by region, university or company. However, in line with the idea of openness the networks restrict this function. As a result Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook recently announced that Facebook will soon be removing regional networks. To read the announcement from Mark Zuckerberg click here.

In the next few weeks you may notice a message on Facebook asking you to review your privacy settings. This review will allow people to change their settings if they don’t want everyone seeing their status updates.

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