Facebook Places arrives in the UK

2 minute read

Back in August Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Places, a “checking in service” where you can tell your friends where you are as well as seeing if your friends are nearby. The launch was exclusive to US and was met with some controversy, including concerns over privacy. However on Friday, Facebook Places launched in the UK and was the talk of the Sign-Up.to office!

Instead of eagerly awaiting the new look Twitter website, we got to “check in” to our office as well as tell our friends where we were having lunch. It was great to see which locations it did and didn’t pick up, and there appears to be a wide selection of places to choose from. As well as this you can also add your own place.

However this addition to  Facebook has received some criticism from UK users, including privacy concerns (as mentioned earlier) and the general annoyance of someone checking in to every place they visit. The Telegraph have also reported that it’ll take a long time to catch on in the UK as people don’t understand its practical value. In addition to this, the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones suggested Places was only aimed at a small percentage of users.

While it’s clear that there is a novelty factor with Facebook places, we’re curious to see if this new feature has lasting power. Have you used Facebook places to tell people where you are? More specifically, have you been able to arrange a get together as a result? We’d love to hear your feedback so please leave your comments in the box below.