Facebook fan pages are changing

1 minute read

For any of you out there who like us have a Facebook fan page, you should be aware that Facebook are removing many of the restrictions they used to impose. From the Facebook site:

Pages are now more like profiles. Update your Page now.

Pages now look and behave more like user profiles. You can more easily publish content to your Page’s Wall and gain distribution through News Feed. Learn about how to take advantage of the new features.

Right now, your fans are still seeing the old version of your Page. Take advantage of this opportunity to edit your Page before it gets automatically republished, which will happen soon. As soon as your Page is edited and ready, republish it.

This is fantastic news if you are keen on building a network of followers and keeping them up to date on what you’re up to. For us the immediate advantage is that we can now set a status, which we can tie in with our Twitter account. We welcome these changes, and hope they continue to drive the power of social media.
To celebrate we added some photos to our page to document our latest in-office snack trend. 🙂