A week in social media

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This week there have been some rather big (and small) updates to our favourite social media sites. To keep on top of everything we thought we’d sum up some of the top stories from the week.


This week we saw Twitter begin to roll out promoted tweets in the UK. I spotted this yesterday (22nd September) in my feed with a tweet about the new series of Glee starting on Sky 1. Now I’m not a fan of Glee and in all honesty I wasn’t too impressed to see this in my feed amongst tweets I am interested in reading. However what I am curious about is how this will develop and how are they going to tailor tweets to the individual user? A British colleague of mine saw a promoted tweet for BBC America on that same day which didn’t seem very targeted either, but I think time will tell here. So far Twitter have teamed up with the likes of BT, Eurostar and Electronic Arts so watch out for promoted tweets coming your way.


On the 21st September Google announced that Google+ had been fully opened to the public, scrapping the invite only concept. The newest social networking site now has over 25 million users and while most of us at Sign-Up.to joined the site back in July this year, has it fully caught our attention yet? No, not really. The site has great potential, as other Google ventures have had, but looking at how Facebook appears to be going from strength to strength we’re still a little undecided on how much Google’s social network is really going to develop.


Well, where to start? The team at Facebook have certainly been busy recently! Along with the cosmetic changes to home pages going live (and meeting some criticism), there was also the F8 conference and the announcement of Timeline, as well as reaching two important milestones:

– 800 million users. This means they’ve gained 50 million new users in the last 2 months – impressive.
– Last week there were half a billion people using Facebook in a single day.

‘Timeline’ in itself is a whole new approach to a user’s profile page, Mark Zuckerburg commented that it’s a lot more visual and gives a new way for users to express who they are. Zuckerburg also announced a new breed of content apps, homing in on allowing people to build their ‘life story’ on Facebook. They have teamed up with the likes of Spotify and Netfix as part of the new app concept, which could really add a new dynamic element to how we all use Facebook. I was super keen to see how my new profile looks and was actually rather impressed – check out the image below to see how all profiles will look from the end of the month. If you want to enable it now check out Mashable’s guide and follow the simple instructions.

What does it all mean for businesses?

Promoted tweets on Twitter understandably opens up a new social media advertising channel, and now that it’s arrived in the UK the ball can start rolling for businesses closer to home. In terms of Google+ the site still isn’t open to businesses but perhaps the fact that the service is now public means we’re one step closer to seeing businesses popping up there. Facebook have obviously rolled out some huge user profile changes, so the key point to mention is that they’re ‘smartening up’ the homepage field and letting users decide what appears. It’s now more crucial than ever for businesses to ensure they’re posting interesting updates that keep their fans engaged.


What do you think of these news stories? Have you tried out your new Facebook profile with Timeline? We’d be very interested to know what you think about it or about any of the changes that have been announced this week. Leave us a comment in the box below or drop us an email, we’d love to hear from you!