A Sign-Up.to perspective on Google+

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Google+ launched on June 28th 2011 and is Google’s latest attempt at joining the social networking world. After failed attempts with Google Buzz and Google Wave, Google+ appears to be their best effort yet. Instead of reporting on the launch and its features we thought we’d give a Sign-Up.to insight on Google+, its features and how successful we think it’s likely to be. Below are the comments and opinions of six of the Sign-Up.to team.


Daisy – Account Manager 

“My initial thoughts on Google+ were that it looks really good in terms of design, usability and functionality, but I’m not going to embrace it for the time being. I use both Twitter and Facebook very regularly and I think I have distinct, independent use for each. At the moment I can’t see me using it in a different way to other platforms, so what’s the point? For a social network to work for me, it needs to be social and Google+ doesn’t have the base for it yet. Once my friends start migrating, and I think they may well do eventually, I’m sure my opinion will change.”

Jesse – Senior Interaction Engineer 

“I was lucky enough to get into Google+ right at the beginning so I’ve had a couple of weeks to play around with it. Particularly impressive to me was the level with which they have integrated it with Google’s current offering to create a very coherent product. Chat is handled by Google Chat, direct messaging is handled by Gmail and setting your address uses Google maps. Users of those products will feel instantly at home using Google+. The problem for me is that they are missing the one major ingredient – people. Social networks live and die by their users and while it’s early days, it feels very quiet and empty right now.”

Helen – Support Assistant 

“Unlike many of my colleagues I don’t use Facebook, I closed my account a while back and haven’t looked back. I’m not against social media, I love Twitter and Flickr I feel like I’m at my social media equilibrium with them. If I entertained the idea of any more accounts the time invested would outweigh what I got out of it. I think if I was to hear more about the unique features it has and less about how it’s just another social media tool, I might be tempted to look.”

Peter – Senior Applications Engineer 

“Google’s previous attempts to enter the social market haven’t been very successful, in my opinion mostly because they didn’t seem to ‘get’ what people were looking for. With Google+ they seem to have sat down and thought about things properly and they’ve included several features you can’t find elsewhere, such as Hangout and Sparks. One big reason why I think Facebook should be scared is because Google are finally integrating all their many products together into one big walled garden – something Facebook will never achieve. “

Leanne – Account Manager 

“I work in social media and part of my role here is to promote businesses on key social media platforms so it’s important for me to understand the platform, be objective and really assess its benefits. Let’s look at it from a business point of view. Should you be using it for your business? Simple answer; no. They have specifically made a point of telling businesses that the service is not for them yet. It will only be a matter of time before businesses get a chance to use it and for me, that will be a huge turning point and something I will be watching closely.”

Robin – Media Co-ordinator 

“My initial impression of Google+ was confusion. Once I had figured out what the circles were and how to add people I started to get a real feel for exactly what its purpose is. Its concept is very similar to Facebook. You ‘share’ things with your circles by updating your ‘stream’ in the same way you would update your Facebook status. Circles are like splitting your friends in to different compartments allowing you to share parts of your ‘stream’ with only certain groups. This is a feature that Facebook is capable of, using privacy settings and 3rd party plug-ins, but it isn’t integrated as smoothly and seamlessly as in Google+.”

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