5 ideas to help your email campaign go further

2 minute read

You’ve just sent your latest campaign, now what? Check the results? Move on to the next campaign? How about helping your email campaign to spread that little bit further with these five ideas?

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1. FacebookShare your campaign on Facebook and Twitter as you send it

It’s now easier than ever to help your campaign go further – as you save your campaign in Create click the option to share your campaign. Providing you’ve integrated your Facebook and Twitter account, upon sending the campaign will automatically be posted on those two popular social media channels – allowing followers to click through and interact with your latest send.

2. IForwardnclude forward to a friend links

Allowing your subscribers to send your email on to their friends means reaching a bigger audience and, hopefully, attracting new customers. You can extend this further by incentivising subscribers to share your email – for example through a competition or giveaway.

3. Re-sendRe-send your email to people who didn’t open it first time around

Sometimes we miss emails; they go unopened and quickly forgotten about. To beat that, and help boost the success of your campaign, schedule an email to go to those who didn’t open the first email. Remember not to do this too soon after the first send; we’d recommend 3-4 days later.

4. TwitterCirculate the web URL on social media

Once your email has been sent you’ll find a URL to the web version of your campaign in the Analysis section of your Sign-Up.to account. Why not schedule updates to Twitter and Facebook, via Share, in the few days after your email has been sent? Wording along the lines of “In case you missed it…” Or “Have you seen?” could help catch the attention of your followers.

Email5. Include prominent links in your email

Your marketing activities don’t start and end with an email campaign, so including prominent links to your website, contact us and social media channels allows the story to continue and the brand loyalty to develop.

Have a go and see how you get on. We’d love to hear your success stories!