5 cool things you can do with Share

2 minute read

Within Sign-Up.to we have five key sections; Collect, Create, Send, Share and Analyse. All of them hold some excellent tools to help you get the best from your online marketing. In this post I’ll be looking at our Share section and some of the tools available.

1. Send your email campaigns straight to Facebook and Twitter. That’s right, share your emails on the two most popular social media sites on the planet. A great way of allowing your subscribers to promote your brand and message with their friends and followers.

2. Post comments and photos to both social media sites, simultaneously. Posting an important update online? With Share you can write your update and post it to both your Facebook and Twitter page at the same time, making life just that little bit easier.

3. See your Facebook and Twitter feed all on one page. No more flicking between tabs on your Internet browser, view both feeds on one page.

4. Create a data capture form to catch new subscribers. In Share you can quickly add a data capture form to your page, making it really easy for your Facebook fans to sign up to receive your latest newsletter, enter a competition, offer etc.

5. Mark comments and mentions as positive or negative. Seen a negative comment you’re unhappy with? Well, firstly don’t delete it and secondly mark it as negative. You can do the same with positive comments and it’ll quickly help you assess your customers’ opinion of you online.

All of these are free tools within monthly paying Sign-Up.to accounts. Get in touch and find out more, or leave a comment below.