10 reasons your business should have a Twitter page

3 minute read

Following on from our 10 reasons you should have a Facebook post, we thought it entirely appropriate to talk about Twitter as well. Below we list the top 10 reasons your business should have a presence on this fast paced and rapidly expanding social media site.

  1. Over 200 million tweets are sent every day, so it’s time to get involved and be part of the tweeting revolution.
  2. You’ve only got 140 characters to play with, helping you keep your message clear and concise. No one likes waffle!
  3. It’s easy to post links, videos and photos here, ideal for making your tweets interesting and engaging.
  4. Consumers are more likely to speak positively than negatively about a brand on Twitter. While you’ll never be able to stop some people complaining, they’re also likely to share their love of a brand here.
  5. You can easily customise the appearance of your page so that it’s in keeping with your branding. This is really important as it will help customers recognise that your Twitter page is an official communication channel for your business.
  6. It’s an informal and conversational way of speaking to people interested in your business.
  7. Twitter hash tags allow people to easily search for tweets by topic and areas of interest to them. This increases the likelihood that interested parties will find your tweets for themselves.
  8. It’s great for keeping tabs on breaking news stories – whether it be global news, or industry news relevant to your business. It’s the place to find out what’s happening in real time.
  9. Followers can retweet your posts at the touch of a button, suddenly spreading your message further and to a fresh set of followers.
  10. From a personal point of view, as a consumer it actually feels like less of a commitment to follow someone via Twitter than to like them on Facebook. This increases the chances of me doing so, and the reality is that I’ll rarely unfollow again, certainly not within a short time frame.
We’ve put together a handy guide of things to think about when getting started on Twitter. As general advice we would recommend maintaining a unified presence on both Facebook and Twitter (as well as utilising email and SMS marketing) to form a well rounded and far reaching marketing strategy. Need further assistance? Leave us a comment below or drop our Support team an email.